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Webinar Course "CREATION OF BODY - 1."

Date: 24.03.2018 - 24.06.2018
3-Month Webinar Course
Webinar presenter: Irina Mokrushina
Language of Webinar: English
Type of Webinar: Elective Webinar Course

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3-Month Webinar Course “CREATION OF BODY - 1” with the application of the modified device PRK – 1U.


Dive in the creative environment of eternal matter and interconnection with God, the Soul, the Spirit and Consciousness to create your body and life events!

Educational Package priced 1250 EUR (per three months) includes:

  • 3 (three) months of the on-line Course – 24 web - classes x 90 minutes each, two days weekly;

  • 20 – minute practice with the modified device PRK – 1U during EVERY web - class;

  • 2 one-hour consultations a month per each student – 6 sessions in total;

  • Certificate of Participation in the electronic form.


The Course starts upon enrollment of the GROUP. There will be a special group enrolled particularly for this Course. Please, note that we need time to make your individual settings for the device PRK – 1U.

The Course is based on the Teachings and according to the Education Program of Dr. Grigori Grabovoi (

The Teachings cover the main areas of life, such as "Healthcare", "Forecast Control", "Education and Science", "Art and Culture", "Economy", "Sociology" and other areas while being the instrument of salvation, rescue of each and all in order to ensure eternal life, that is a mechanism of the exact and sound learning of all the elements of reality for the purpose of their creative development. That is the science, which is unique in nature.

The Teachings contain the series of works and webinars of Grigori Grabovoi about the physical body. During the forthcoming course “Creation of Body -1” we are going to explore this area to restore and normalize physical body, to recreate it in its divinity, to practice the methods and technologies generously given us by Dr. Grigori Grabovoi.

We would consider how the body is organized in relation to reality and interactions. We’ll dive in this harmonious world of self-organization and would practice creation, restoration and rejuvenation.

The modified device PRK - 1U

( has special settings, which would allow us to accelerate the regenerative and other processes, and get positive results. You will learn how to work with this device, and it will be an unforgettable experience.

The methods are simple and available for everyone as they are based on the own Consciousness of a person, and that is a rapid and accurate way of control.

The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi is a comprehensive, fundamental Teaching, which implies consistency and commonality, and each phrase of the Teaching, every single segmental system really rescues by itself and gives a system of harmonious development to ensure eternal life. The factor of Eternity development is laid in the system, and that is the principle of action from the Creator.

A distinctive feature of the Teaching is safety. Access to control occurs through Consciousness only at the creative level.

Training is available for all ages and does not depend on your gender, nationality or religion.

G.P. Grabovoi healed from the 4th stage of cancer, AIDS and other diseases, and that has been proved by the numerous testimonials, medical assessment reports and technical devices.

The goal of this Teaching is also to show that any matter, any information is fully restored, and therefore, the destruction is already here just meaningless.

This seminar would give you an opportunity to learn the Teachings and methods to create and restore your body. You would obtain the instrument, which makes you really independent and free. Thus, the principle of full freedom of will in its creative manifestation is the principle underlying originally the creation of the World by the Creator.

It may become an organic part of your life evolution to be in permanent development and creation. That is the path of truth, which gives the exact platform and sustainability.

Reminder: this seminar is educational and does NOT imply the replacement of the medical advice.

Here in the Education Center you will get every support to be in progress.

Please, note that during the Course you get the recordings, and upon completion of the webinar course you will be sent the Certificate of Participation in the electronic form with the names of the works you get the right to teach.

To get more details, please, contact via email:


You are welcome!

Lecturer, consultant: Irina Mokrushina



LIST OF WORKS of GRIGORI GRABOVOI for the Course “Creation of Body”:

  1. Rescue Control. Technology of Control from Own Consciousness through Construction of Own Cells Simultaneously with the Control of the Whole External Reality.

  2. The Method of Usage of the Information System from One Object of Information to the Other. Self-Regeneration Through Control of Any Event from Own Consciousness.

  3. Restoration of Different Systems of Organism Through Precise Technology Considering the Interconnection of Information from the Exact Area with the Information of the Whole World. Answers to the questions. Technologies of Salvation and Harmonious Development. Technology of Using the Rarefied Systems and Consciousness Structures.

  4. Restorative technologies. Principles of Self-Regeneration through the Goal: Prevention of Possible Global Catastrophe and Insurance Harmonious Development.

  5. Control Through the Allocation of the Principle of Organization of the Number, Sound and Color Forms, Through the Word and Information Forms. Consciousness Structuring. Methods of Control Implementation through the Structure of Own Consciousness. Specification of the Controlling Optical Level Through Perception.

  6. The System of Salvation and Harmonious Development of Grigori Grabovoi. Methodology of Control through Concentrations on the Numbers or Creation of the Numerical Series.

  7. The System of Salvation and Harmonious Development. Controlling through Phrases. Eight Methods.

  8. The System of Salvation and Harmonious Development. Technology and Methods of Control through Color.

  9. The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi on Human Body.

  10. The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi on Human Body. The Method of Body Regeneration through the Action of the Soul.

  11. The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi About God. Creation of Man.

  12. The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi About God. Methods of Rejuvenation in Eternal Life.

  13. Rejuvenation.

  14. Methodology of Eternal Development.

  15. Rejuvenation by Eternity.

  16. The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi About God. Creation of Eternity.

  17. The Teaching of Grigori Grabovoi А<span size="3" style=


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