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Record of webinar: "Rejuvenation based on 3 Lectures of Grigori Grabovoi"

Record of webinars held on 30th January 2021
Teacher: Olga Toloshnaya

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Rejuvenation based on 3 Lectures of Grigori Grabovoi

(“Rejuvenation”.  “Rejuvenation in Eternal Life”. “Methods of Rejuvenation in Eternal Life”.) 

You will study 3 very interesting lectures of Grigori Grabovoi on where he explains what it is necessary to do to achieve rejuvenation. According to Grigori Grabovoi rejuvenation is a healthy body, active mind, interest in life, active way of life, young spirit …in addition to young beautiful appearance of course.

The students will be studying and practicing during the seminar.  Grigori Grabovoi, in his works, offers a lot of concentration exercises, which help a person to develop his consciousness, recover his organism or avoid any diseases at all, avoid aging, achieve rejuvenation, and build the desirable for him events.

Grigor Grabovoi attaches great importance to the topic of rejuvenation. Theoretical part of the work is important because when people understand how human consciousness works, how our thinking works, how we build our reality, it is easier to carry out practical concentration exercises.  When we will be doing, for example, concentrations for cosmetic action, in fact, it will work as a powerful control system that generally “organizes the action of the organism, aimed at ensuring eternal healthy and harmonious life” (Grigori Grabovoi).


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